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Broadbent, B.M. (1927): Further Observations on the Life History, Habits, and Control of Narcissus Bilb Fly, Merodon equestris - J.Econ.Ent. 20, 94-113
Conn, D.L.T. (1972): The Genetics of Mimetic Colour Polymorphism in the Large Narcissus Bulb Fly, Merodon equestris Fab. (Dipt.,Syrphidae) - Entomologist's monthly Magazine ?, 353-402
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Conn, D.L.T. (1979): Morphological and behavioural differences in populations of Merodon equestris (F.) (Dipt., Syrphidae) - Entomologist's monthly Magazine 114, 65-66
Birkett, N.L. (1990): Polyandry in Merodon equestris (Fab.) (Syrphidae) - Dipterists Digest 6, 6
Nickol, M. (1994): Merodon equestris var.bulborum (Diptera: Syrphidae) in der Pfalz - Pfälzer Heimat 45(1), 21-23