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Syrphidae checklist of the World

For decades the Syrphidae community mentions there are about 6000 species of Syrphidae worldwide. But nobody knows exactly. The aim of this list is to find this answer and to correct naming errors and stay close to recent scientific discoveries in this field.

The checklist of the world will be a big undertaking and will probably take years to finalize. This is a copy of the Systema Dipterorum (SD) from 2020 and continued from there. All unpublished data and errors that where/are in SD need to be ironed out. The idea is that we can do this collectively within the community and send changed data back to SD. So if you notice errors, please contact Bastiaan Wakkie. so we can fix it. For now this will be done directly in the database. An editor form is in development so you can change it (if you have the proper authorization).

The database consists of all (±13000) published names from Linnaeus in 1758 till recently. The checklist follows recursively from the name 'Syrphidae' down the tree if the names are connected to it and are no synonyms or older names.

After Clicking on a name you will go to the details page where you can find all available data conserning it. Also it is possible to go up and down in the tree and find synonyms and older used names.

P.S.: Not all names are connected to the tree... work in progress!

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