Click on a country in the image below or select a country out of drowdown list to see the checklist. The black coloured countries are more or less up to date and published as an official country checklists. Gray colored countries are not complete, mostly assambled out of different resources (including new literature).



France Nederland Duitsland Denmark Norway Sweden Finland Estonia Lavia Lithouwen Slowakia Belgium Luxembourg Switzerland Spain Portugal Italy Romania Poland Austria Ireland Czech Republic Slovenia Hungary Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Serbia Macedonia Albania Greece Iceland

Other checklists or Syrphidae resources around the world

The BioSystematic Database of World Diptera


Nearctic checklist old
Syrphidae from Ontario
Syrphidae from Minesota
Syrphidae key from Oklohoma (obsolete)
Field Guide to the Syrphidae of Ontario
Canadian National Collection: Syrphidae Nice photos from the US
Syrphidae project in Brasil


Checklist of Belgium
Russian collection data
Japaneese checklist
Checklist of Iranian Syrphidae


South African website


Korean checklist
A checklist of a part of Tokyo.


Papua Insects Foundation (Diptera/Syrphoidea)
Australasian/Oceanian checklist
Website from Brisbane
Website from Brisbane
Australasian/Oceanian checklist